*A lovely way to begin a new journey into your heart .*

You have landed in the perfect space to create a vision plan for the new year using your creativity.

This is a self-paced workshop you can access over and over again.

It is an inner excavation using layers of mixed media and words to bring you closer to the core of YOU.

It is about unblocking, playing, connecting and experimenting as we alter canvas, paper, and pages and surfaces using an assortment of mixed media supplies (my version of art supplies) and techniques.

I will be sharing the ways I inspire the words for my artwork using special prompts that are both written and visual. We will be doing all types of photos transfers, layering, painting, sewing on paper, stream of conscious writing and experimenting with water-soluble materials and fibers.

My wish for us all is a quiet and safe place where we can create without judgement and put on pages visually the way we go through and forward in these strange times. And of course we have to put forth our vision as if it is already in process.

My wish is that this feels like a day at my studio, but you will bring your own lunch & coffee! And you can return whenever you wish.

Are you ready? Take my hand and join me.

What people in this workshop are saying:

  • This workshop was so much more than I expected. By a far margin. It reawakened my creative spirit and cracked open my long-guarded heart. 

  • It really felt like we were right there in your studio creating right along with you.

  •  I'm so drawn into your pages and find this pulls me into myself, wanting to express onto my pages, my stories. Thank you thank you thank you... for who you are and what you have given to us as you poured yourself out throughout this course, Colleen. There aren't words to truly express all that has come alive for me deep within, that is waiting to be created upon pages and pages and pages. I'm deeply grateful for having found you.

  • SO GLAD I AM HERE. Already feeling something new and freeing.

  • The fact that this whole class has allowed me the OPTION of creating at a different pace, has been transformative. Pieces at a time. Snapshots of time. Little by little, KNOWING that the whole, once completed, will be exactly as it is supposed to be...man. It's changed how I think, broadened a horizon. This is such a gift Colleen.

  • Dazzled??? How bout mind blowing! I am giddy with excitement at these videos and cannot begin to tell you. 

  • Oh.My.Word!!! Brilliant, Colleen. 

  • You've lived a truth filled life and that you are sharing it here in this vulnerable way is beyond mere words to express the wave of emotions that rolled over me as I watch this lesson.

  • Taking this all in...I love your voice, your hands, and the way you are taking us through your thoughts and your process. I am so glad to be here!

  • mesmerized. my brain is working overtime. this is filling my senses with curiosity, wonderment, remembering, and wanting to lose myself within the pages in front of me...both on and off the screen. thank you

  • i think this is one of the best, and most important classes/projects i have been involved with. 

  • I have not felt as much healing progress as I have since starting Lost and Found…

  • It is helping me to breathe deeper, enjoy the process of all that goes into soul work, encouraging me to throw perfectionism not just to the side but far, far away (something I am constantly working on) and helping me to nuture my heart.

  • Colleen, mind blown. Thank you.

  • I came back to the classroom tonight...I really needed to hear your words and look through things again. 

  • What a wonderful job you did making this workshop! You are so professional, informative , creative and inspirational. I’m so glad I got to do this with you. I’m forever grateful. Thanks 💚

  • I am having SO much fun working my way through your videos and demos! Amazing Colleen! 

  • This workshop has been more meaningful to me than I ever could have hoped. It has opened me up, and even brought me to tears a couple of times while working on my pages, as it has been a place to lay down some deep realizations. It has been healing on many levels.

Take a peek inside my studio and into my creative process journaling process...

This workshop has the feel of a private art retreat with me and includes:

There will be three altered journal projects:

  1. A vision board layered into the pages of an altered journal focusing on how we want to feel as we pivot forward this year.
  2. Working smaller... we use a magazine or catalog for this project, learning different techniques and exploring ideas on small pages. I will have a options on what this tiny book can be (a book of affirmations or "your word of the year"). 
  3. The tiniest of altered books...this one will fit in the palm of your hand.
The workshop will include:
  • a private chat group (link in the class).
  • 8 hours of video content
  • several easy ways to create photo transfers 
  • simple fabric cyanotypes
  • color, collage & composition
  • building up easy layers 
  • using water soluble fiber to create unique pages
  • keeping yourself inspired
  • using found objects in our books
  • an 8x 10 print created by me just for those taking the course.
  • access to me for questions

I will show you in video tutorials and in photographs how I create covers and pages that inspire me to write...and how I keep myself inspired in my workspace.

Kind words for my art journaling process...

Finding our way
Finding our way using our own words & recycled paper.

Using materials we already have (plus some new magic).

Learning how to be our own muse.

This workshop may be exactly what your heart needs if:

  • You want to learn to do easy photo transfers and cyanotypes
  • you have words inside you waiting to come out
  • you want to add some new mixed media techniques to your own process.
  • you want to get back in touch with your creativity.
  •  you are anticipating a life shift and want to create an altered vision book
  • you want to be more playful in your art with less self judgement.
  • you want to create altered books, but are not sure where to begin.
  • you want to get out of your own head.
  • you have been wanting to take a workshop at my studio.
  • you want to return to my studio again..and this is the next best thing.xo. 

I will meet you exactly 

where you are.

This course is about the fundamentals of how & why I art journal...and is a pre-requisite for "A Holding Space: finding our words and way through change and loss".