Create a space to honor love and your backyard, in your community, in a school...

I am always looking for places and spaces to visually honor moments, people, and feelings. This act allows me to share my joy and also rest any heavy I am carrying.

I walk intimately with both joy and grief. I think this feeling of duality (honoring both gratitude and loss) is where we are as a world.

My husband and I live in a little love bubble river city called Lambertville along the Delaware River on the New Jersey side. We have a blue eyed rescue dog name Cleo we walk on the canal.

My heart did flips when I discovered a fence along a bridge over the canal when Cleo and I walked by.

It was created by a father as a way of remembering and honoring his daughter Helene.

I was so incredibly moved...both in my heart and into action.

The past few years have been overwhelming...

One of the greatest balms for me during this period was creativity and words.

In this tiny workshop, I will share with you a few of the ways I created beauty and also experienced a release of the "hard".

These locks of love and loss were one of the ways I calmed myself and honored my feelings as well as my love for others.

In this mini workshop, I will share some of the locks I created and what supplies and materials I used when I created them.

We will go over how I think about these when I work on them and some mixed media techniques I use.

And I will offer some ways you can use this idea where you live.

If you send me your lock, I will tenderly place it on the fence for you.

I will also share my book of letters with you...another way I process the heavy and hard that I do not always understand.

My hope is this mini workshop can feel like a comforting warm sweater and help you navigate more lightly and with joy.

Materials needed for this workshop:

  • a lock
  • sand paper
  • adhesive
  • tape
  • magazines/catalogs
  • cloth
  • Gorilla Glue (my fav super glue)
  • bits & pieces that tell a story (bits of metals, feathers, shells, stamps etc....)
  • a fine point permanent marker
  • white paint
  • and a wide open heart.

What we put on the outside is important, but as you will see, it is our intention that matters most when we work on these.

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